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We seek to save people from repeating and simple tasks, creating room for more time to spend on creativity and mindset to make brainstorming. In this way, our aim is to overcome high level business obstacles. We cherish to see each employee to work besides Digital Workers, that robots become even more productive and satisfying for the future of the world.

Benefits of RPA

Increase your productivity

Increase your productivity with always-on-duty robots.

Decrease your operational costs

Automatize your routine and manual processes, let your employees take care of value-added work.

Decrease your error rate

Reduce your human-based errors arising from manual data entry.

Use as Much as Needed

Control your in-use bots according to the demand.

Automation Anywhere With Numbers

1600 +
Corporate Customer
7000 +
Worldwide Employee
100 +
Global Partner
Years of Experience
Digital Workforce

RPA Products

Cognitive (IQ Bots)
  • It learns and develops the process automation perpetually.
  • Expert at managing unsharp rules and processing unstructured data.
  • Can move towards the flowing information and learns in real-time.
RPA (Task Bots / Meta Bots)
  • Automizes front-face operations and scalable processes.
  • Master at processing data that depends on structured data and tasks that depends on repetitive rules.
  • Provides productivity, makes saving and reduces errors.
Real Time Analytics (Bot Insight)
  • The only platform that combines both operational and corporate intelligence.
  • Real time RPA analysis.
  • Helps monitoring and managing the digital workforce.

RPA Process

Examples of RPA Areas

  • Data Validation
  • Creating Reports
  • Data transfer between banking applications and customer account management
  • Creating Invoice
  • Hardware and software tests for function, uploading and mobile performance
  • Integration of application
  • Data Transforming
  • Time savings on form fillings related with subcontractors
  • Validation operations
  • Integrating old systems with the new ones
  • Automizing daily reports
  • ERP automation
  • Logistics data
  • Monitoring data
  • Product / price comparison
  • Corporate invoice reports
  • Supply chain management operations
  • Collecting and processing data from customer call systems
  • Backing up the data coming from customer services
  • Uploading data
  • Eliminating data about competitor pricing
  • Telephone manufacturing information
  • Reporting for doctors
  • Processing medical invoice
  • Insurance data automation and submission
  • Submission status
  • Keeping patience records